Owning a Vacation Rental

Have you ever considered investing in a beach home? Owning a vacation rental provides many benefits, and the option to rent out your property helps you earn additional income. Learn more about why buying a vacation home can provide a solid investment for you and your family. Owners have their own Portal for Viewing Statements, Work orders, reservations and more.

Personalize Your Vacation

When you own a vacation home, you can decorate it any way you imagine. Add in all the unique touches that make your vacation extra special. You can also create a familiar home away from home that you and your family find comfort in returning to. The freedom to set the house up exactly as you need it is one of the best benefits of buying a beach vacation home.

Travel Whenever You Want

Scheduling a vacation can become challenging. Even once you decide on the dates that work best for your party, you may not find available accommodations during that time. It can prove more expensive—and a hassle—to find a hotel and finalize reservations. With a vacation home, you always know where you’ll stay. You don’t have to work your schedule around hotel bookings.

Earn Rental Income

When you’re not using your vacation home, you can earn some extra income by renting the property to travelers. Galveston is a popular tourist destination, and many visitors want beach homes to rent.

AB Sea Sales & Rentals makes it easy to rent your vacation home while still giving you access to the property when you want it. We’re experts in Galveston Island investment properties, and we can answer any questions you have about the rental process. Owning a vacation rental becomes even more beneficial when you earn income through AB Sea’s proven program.

If you’re not sure about buying your own vacation rental, rent one of our luxurious beach homes or condos for your upcoming vacation. Our accommodations give you a fun, relaxing getaway.